Card Personalization Validation & Consulting

Payment networks personalization validation is a mandatory step in an EMV product launch project, this task has to be planned beforehand as it can be difficult to prepare a card profile which fits issuers’ business requirements. Before presenting an EMV card or a mobile payment application for brand certification, testers have to ensure that the personalization of the payment application meet the EMVCo specification and the brand requirements.

Blue fintech uses multi-brand Personalization Validation Tool helps Issuers, cards manufacturers and Personalization Bureaus prepare Cards and Contactless devices for the personalization validation testing required by payment networks.

Issuing debit and credit cards can be complex while confirming with EMV specifications as well as payment brands requirements. Personalization validation process aims at providing a high level of confidence in interoperability and consistent behaviour of the issued cards on the field.

Following are the activities involved for CPV projects :

  • Chip Consultancy
  • Personalization Setup
  • Defining Chip Card Profile
  • Personalization Machine Script Development
  • Data generation for card personalization
  • Card and chip personalization management
  • Complete Certification Process with the schemes
  • Key Management
  • Application Development
  • Consultancy for Migration
  • Provide support for the OT Chip setup
  • Provide support to Bureaus/Banks during scheme certification
  • Test the cards with Collis, Barnes and Day Smart tools according to EMV Standards