Integrated Mobile Wallet and Mobile Banking

Mobile banking has evolved considerably over the past several years. Changing consumer preference and behavior, differing approaches and developing trends in mobile technology have considerably increased the value of mobile banking to both consumers and financial institutions. Banks can make profit from emerging mobile technology by providing a remote service to their customer to facilitate their day-to-day financial needs.

Blue Fintech provides a robust platform to link the Consumer, Banks and Merchants remotely through the strong and secured Platform. In-order to fulfill the customer needs and to help the bank and merchant, we build an integrated eco-system where Mobile Wallet and Mobile Banking are embedded in single mobile application. It allows users to access their bank account, manage their Cards - (Debit, Credit and Prepaid), transfer funds, pay utility bills, track Cheque, m-commerce, m-wallet and more value-added services.

Special Features:

  • Open platform. Design services for multiple consumer segments. Offers a white-labeled solution with easy customization and highly scalable architecture
  • Enhanced user experience. Deploy better user interfaces that can lead to a more active wallet
  • Easy integration. Seamlessly merge with existing technology
  • Complete security. Connect securely to the ecosystem around you
  • Built-in compliance. Adhere to all rules and regulations or get help through our Regulatory Outreach Program