Loyalty Program Management

Blue Fintech has been providing its clients with cutting-edge IT solutions for comprehensive management of customer loyalty programs, customer relations and support for marketing activities. With best-in-class loyalty software Management system, you can create and execute unique customer engagement programs, effectively manage memberships and rewards, interact with customers across multiple channels and track loyalty system performance.

Loyalty Management offers all the tools needed in order to build a successful loyalty program (or coalition loyalty program), created for both individual and business customers. To maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, program participants can easily be engaged through the personalized contextual offers and promotion actions such as: lotteries, special auctions, coupons or benefits for the best customers. Loyalty program management is easier with innovative tools.


  • For End-customer: Rewards, discounts and merchandizing
  • For Clients: Increase in sales, repeat purchase, higher customer life time value
  • For Banks: Acquisition of new merchants, retain merchants and customers, higher revenue due to increase in sales at merchant